Tong Family Blog: Prefetch Exception and Abort Exception. I’m developing a negative attitude towards blackberrys πŸ™
Since we last chatted about it, I’ve had more problems with the Blackberry 7230. First, I started to get Java Exception Errors when dialing and the phone application would crash.
Scott then tried to reload the software and the contacts. We pretty clearly have corruption in our contact database here, but worked to try to clean that (we don’t run any cleaning on our public folders, Scott is smart not to run diagnostics unless there is a problem).
Post the reload things really got bad, first I got a Catastrophic Error and now I’ve got a Error 365 press reset and the thing loops.
This was the same error that forced a replacement of this Blackberry last time. Right now, by my count, I bought the original 7230, it died and had it replaced.
A year later, that 2nd one died, then the next one was DOA. This one has lasted two months and now need to be replaced, so we are on our fifth replacement. I swear, I don’t do anything bad. Personally, I suspect the Blackberry 4.0 software has wedged the firmware, but who knows.

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