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0 : Your Number One BlackBerry Community - Unwanted network messages - repost. Connie went to Canada and started getting these bizarre messages from Blackberry that looked like this...
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Turns out this happens when Blackberry gets confused about whether it is using the Web Client or the Enterprise Redirector. There are two fixes:
# You should uninstall the Desktop Manager application on your PC and make sure that when you reinstall, you select Blackberry Internet Mail or whatever and not the Blackberry Enterprise thingy. This message is actually something that goes to Exchange or Notes side of the house to coordinate what is on your blackberry and what is on the server.
# You somehow got a screwed up "activation" CMIME record. I think Connie got this when she crossed into Canada and the servers over there assumed she was using enterprise. The solution is to go to Options/Setting/ServiceBook and delete the CMIME entry. Then you have to go to the Web Client on and buried in the Profile tab at the very bottom is button that says _Send Service Book_ Hit it and it should now work.