Verbatim DatalifePlus


!Welcome to Verbatim. Just beware that I got the wrong Verbatim CD-Rs. They used to have 100-pack DatalifePlus, but now only make 50-packs of these high-end CD-Rs. The product number is 94523 and it needs to say Super Azo Dye on the outside and also the words DatalifePlus. “Pricegrabber”: is confusing, but has this SKU for about $15 from and some other online stores.
There are 100 CD packs that some sites say are DatalifePlus, but aren’t. These use the product number 94554. These are cheap at about $25 for a 100. So don’t be fooled as I was on “Pricegrabber”: where I found the description said Super Azo Dye, but upon looking at the “Verbatim”: site it doesn’t say anything about that.