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!Editing for Everyone. _Looking for a better product, there are so many now that finding one is hard, Adobe used to only make a $700 product, but now they’ve done a consumer version that looks like the one to try…as noted in the review. You can also download a 30-day trial at “Adobe”:
There are many good consumer applications to consider: Apple iMovie 4, Canopus Let’s Edit, CyberLink Power Director 3, Intervideo WinDVD Creator2, MacXware MediaEdit Pro, Magix Movie Edit Pro, MainConcept EVE 2, Microsoft Movie Maker 2.1, NewSoft Presto! VideoWorks, Nova Development Video Explosion Deluxe, Pinnacle Studio and Dazzle, Sony Media Software Vegas Movie Studio+DVD, and Ulead Video Studio 8. These are among the best of the consumer video editing software packages available. Having acknowledged these applications, I want to introduce you to one that may soon be considered the _best of breed_ for Windows-based consumer video editing.
The new Adobe Premiere Elements software is my recommendation for Windows-based consumer editing. This application has been streamlined for consumer use. The design focus is clearly ease of use, with many tasks automated.

2 responses to “Adobe Premiere Elements”

  1. Susan Ireland Avatar

    I just bought Premiere Elements 4.0. Can you please tell me how to get the Title to run at the bottom of my screen for the duration of the video. As it is, the title disappears after 5 seconds. I want it to run for 100% of the clip but I can’t figure out how to do it. Thank you!

  2. TJ Avatar

    Why does Adobe Premier Elements 2.0 reject my Sony MiniDV HandyCam imput indicating that there is no Date.Time stamp available? How do I overcome this?

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