Resetting Activity Logs


Interesting to see that for my blogs, I've got gigantic activity logs, I've never looked at them and they are filled with errors. With Firefox, I found that it just thrashes with gigantic files. Gets to be 500MB of swap and then just seems to slow.
This is one area where Internet Explorer is better, it gets big (300MB) for a gigantic text file, but finishes in a reasonable amount of time.
Main lesson here is that particularly if you have add-ins, it pays to go to your MovableType console and view the activity log. The bummer is that the reset activity log button is at the bottom of the page, so you can't just clear it you have to browse all the way down a massive file.
By the way, what it shows me is that MT Moderate doesn't work on either tongfamily or geekfishing. There is some sort of include error with MT Moderate 1.1.2. It can't seem to find some directory.