MT Categories

TEMPLATE TAGS. It has taken quite a bit of time, but I finally have gotten my categories right on this site. Now that I’ve resolved the mt.js problem, I resorted the categories logically.
But, the big change is learning about this wonderful tag MTEntriesWithSubCategories
In your category archive, you replace the MTEntries container that gives you all the entires in a given category. For instance, I now have a category called outdoors, but with MTEntries, it only shows entries for Outdoors, but not for subcategories like Skiing withint Outdoors. With the MTEntriesWithSubCategories, you now get entries for Outdoors, Skiing and everything else under outdoors. check it out on “Outdoors”:
By the way, I wish there was some sort of template library for folks to find templates like this. Mine are on my server, but not linked to, so I’ll do that next, so folks can at least see how this site works.

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