University District Fair

!University District StreetFair. A great fair and fun on this rainy day. Check it out. There are lots of these kinds of things in Seattle now.
It was howling rain today when we went, but lots of interesting shopping. They didn’t have many street performers and music as I remembered so it was more like lots of cool curios and fun food.
Best food was from the folks selling corn dogs. They had curly fries that for $5 were a solid block of french fries. Not very artful, but amazing how five kids can devour that.
Probably good for grownups, but the kids got a little bored. The best thing was a guy named David Lowell (?), he’s from Bainbridge and lets the kids for $3 layout glass fragments on tile. Kind of fun to make.
Folklife is coming up though and that is really quite fun.

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