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My three pairs of Castelli Y2Pro’s are wearing out. Two have been just great, but one has a hole in the pad, the later one I got started unraveling the minute I had it. This was an ebay purchase, so caveat emptor applied. So what bib shorts to get:
“Assos FI.13 S-2 Bib Shorts”: I have used Castelli’s for a long time, but many folks think these are the best shorts in the world, but they don’t wear very well according to roadbikereview. Heck, guess that $260 from “Biketiresdirect”: They are 90 pounds from “Totalcycling”: or $160. Mediums fit 30-34″ waist.
“Castelli YPro3 Bib Short”:,3307,s1-9964,00.html?category_id=361&article_type_id=63&family_id=101. Lists for $175. “Excel”: has the YPro3 which doesn’t use YFuso for $175. Large fits 32-36″ waists.
Castelli YFuso. “Totalcycling”: gets you last years Castelli Yfuso for 75 pounds or $137 for the 2004 model, although these YFuso’s have been less popular on “Roadbikereview”:” because they are thicker.
Finally, has a bunch of reviews of shorts I’ve never tried including the
“Cannibal”: shorts which I might get just because the name is so amazing.
“Giordana Tenax”: Another short that fit well for him. Got 4 1/2 stars.
“Louis Garneau Power Bib”: This big also got 4 1/2 stars but is more expensive than the Giordana
“De Marche Contour”: Like them, main complaint was they seemed to thin to be durable. 3 1/2 star because he suspected the durability.
“Canari”: which is a speciality brand that they found very comfortable. 4 stars.
“Sugoi Evolution”: Super thin chamois, but he liked the fit. 4 1/2 stars.

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  1. Todd Behrbaum Avatar

    Another great option are the Santini CX Professional bibs; you can buy 2 for $116 US at I have been very impressed with both their comfort and durability. They are even comfortable when training in an aero position.

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