Veloflex Pave or Veloflex Black


"": has a pretty decent list of great tires. I've been using Veloflex Open Pave for a while now. Just 180 grams and super fast. They have been pretty durable now. They only last about 2,000 miles for me in the rear mainly because if you hit glass with them, they cut fast. You can get them for $45 from Colorado Cyclist (or you can get the identical Veloflex "Black": which are all black in color and that is the only difference). Or you can get them from "labiciletta": for $39 with $8 flat shipping.
Unfortunately, I hit some glass and torqued the front, so now is a good time to see what to use. I still have Vittoria Corsa around and even some old Michelin Axial Pros.
I used Continental GP 3000s and they are nice and heavier at 240 grams and so more durable but feel slower.
Net, net, I think I'll stick with the Veloflex Paves for now.
Other tires that have good reviews are the "Michelin Pro Race 2": or at least the Pro Race did. 210 grams and fast. Also the "Specialized Mondo": that weigh 210 grams or so.