PAP2 Web Interface


Can Lynkys PAP2 work without vonage?. You need some magic to be able to look at the PAP2. Here is how to get the web interface working. Vonage locks out the web interface so you are left with a DTMF interface usually.
Follow these step to unlock the ADMIN portion of your Web Interface Linksys PAP2 Adapter.
First keep the PAP2 adapter from accessing the Internet by unplugging your the cable modem. Now do in these steps:
Pick up your phone and dial:
First get rid of the passwords, by doing:
Pick up the phone
Dial ****
Dial 73738#
Dial the Password: (usually) 7756112# could be: 8995523#
Dial 1 to confirm press #
Hang up
Now This just enabled the Web Interface if needed.
Pick up the phone
dial ****
Password is: 78196365
Press 1 to Confirm and then hang up.
If you need the IP address of your PAP2
Dial ****
Enter: 110#
put that number in your Web Browser
You should gain access to the web server at this point.
Here is the fun stuff. Click Admin Login in the top right hand side.
User name: admin
Password: kImkGPHA
Here are some other common codes:
Disconnect the network
Dial ****
Dial 100 to do a DHCP check
Dial 101 to enable or disable DHCP
Dial 110 to check IP address
Dial 150 to check firmware version
Dial 732668 to manually reboot

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