Canon i9900 Paper

68lb. UltraPro Gloss – Gloss Inkjet Paper. I’ve been printing up a storm now that I’ve gotten our Canon i9900 to work. Started with standard Canon paper, the Plus works really well and I love the status monitor that shows you how much ink there is the printer. But, the quality of the pictures is what is amazing.
In any case, paper is expensive, so I’ve shopped a little. The standard Canon paper is quite good, but naturally a little expensive. Here are some sample prices:
* “4×6 120 Sheets Paper Plus”: This is about $22 for 120 sheets. $18/100 sheets
* “5×7 20 Sheets Paper Plus”: This is $7.75 for 20 sheets or $39/100 sheets
They also don’t make 8×10 for instance you have to get 8×11 and trim it.
As an alternative, my buddy Bob told me about “Red River”: They have high quality paper too and also have color profiles for their papers as well. Costs are much lower and they have those odd standard sizes pictures frames come in. So for their “68lb. UltraPro Gloss”:, you have some decent savings:
* 11×17 50 Sheets $38
* 8×10 50 Sheets $22
* 4×6 100 Sheets $18.40
* 5×7 100 Sheets $25.75
* 13×19 50 Sheets $49.95
Now these do require shipping, so you have to add $2 for each, so the savings are nominal. Like 10%, but for me having the odd sizes at 8×10 and 11×17 make it a no brainer.
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