Bluetooth Headset

Broke both my Nextlink Bluespoon AX headsets. In one case, Calvin stepped on it. Yuck and in another, it cracked because of a manufacturing defect. So on to find some others. There have been incredible price drops. The original Bluespoon AX that “CNet”: loved and I did costs $120. Now, they are $60 at “”: […]

nvmcp.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with SimCity 4

nvmcp.sys.. I thought that this problem was solved, but Calvin just got this with SimCity 4 (not exactly a state of the art game) on his Athlon 64 3200+ on a Chaintech nForce3 board. Basic solution is to either. There is a new (August 23 dated) nVidia Sound driver their “download”: # Get a Creative […]

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