Bluetooth Headset


Broke both my Nextlink Bluespoon AX headsets. In one case, Calvin stepped on it. Yuck and in another, it cracked because of a manufacturing defect. So on to find some others. There have been incredible price drops. The original Bluespoon AX that "CNet": loved and I did costs $120. Now, they are $60 at "":
"Howard Forums": seems to have the most active list of recommenders. Folks like the big Motorola 530, but it seems too big for me. They have some interesting looking ones like the Tekkeon EzTalker Mini Intro - Tekkeon EzTalker Mini review - Cell Phones - CNET Reviews for just $55 at "Newegg": that C|Net liked.
Also, the new Motorola RAZR H3 was just "announced":,,110,00.html and it looks cool too. Very small but not yet available.

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