Acura Handsfreelink

hfl_sys_home. This is the branded version of a Bluetooth connection for your cellphone.
In 2005 MDX’s and later they have this, but it is not documented in the manual. At least I can’t find it. They do have a site “”: that tells you about. They can store up to 50 phone numbers and pair up to six devices. Pretty cool. Johnson Controls makes this.
The instructions are a little bizarre and rely on the voice input system in the Acura MDX, so there isn’t any graphical controls. You won’t find it in the navigational computer screens. Here they are:
IMPORTANT: You must press and release the HandsFreeLink talk button on the steering wheel and wait for the beep before you speak. This step is required before all spoken commands.
# Power on the phone and ensure Bluetooth? is ON. Please refer to your phone’s user guide for steps to turn on Bluetooth.
# Press and release the Talk button on the steering wheel and wait for the “beep” before you speak. Repeat this step before all spoken commands. This is the little button behind the steering wheel that is used for all voice commands.
# Say “phone setup”
# Say “pair”
# Say any 4 digit PIN code for pairing. Remember it as you will need to enter it into your phone later. HandsFreeLink will now instruct you to begin pairing process in the phone. I usually use 0000 or something equally easy.
This puts the car into the mode to make a connection. Now specifics vary by the type of handset you have, but here are the instructions for a Blackberry 7100t:
# On the Blackberry select OPTIONS
# Select Bluetooth
# Press Scroll Wheel to turn on Bluetooth
# Select device from list, hopefully you’ll see the Acrua MDX there
# Enter 4 digit PIN code from earlier step
# After pairing is complete, press Scroll Wheel
# Select TRUSTED and press Scroll Wheel this means that the connection gets made automatically from now on.
# Select YES
# Press Escape key
# Select SAVE

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