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“Mobility Electronics”: of these overseas planes now have airplane power which for some bizarre reason don’t use standard connectors, so you need to buy some strange monster connector that connects to 12VDC in a car, in a plane etc.
“iGo Everywhere Power”: seems to be the common one. There are quite a few different models and the main issue is what they weigh, so if you want airpower and for it to replace the standard charger, small machines need the Juice 70 and big notebooks need the 7500:
* “7500”: This is the burliest power supply, I don’t actually need anything that big and it weights over a pound!
* “Juice 70”: this is the most appropriate for smaller notebooks. “Pricegrabber”: shows it at about $65.

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  1. brucery Avatar

    I have the Juice and it’s great. It would be great if it was a little smaller, but since it makes the brick AC adapter that came with my laptop redundant, the net gain in size/weight is negligible. It works great on planes — I use seatguru to find coach seats on American Airlines that have power (though with AA reconfiguring their planes to stuff back the seats they removed a couple of years back, the power locations are subject to variation). Mine came with a pouch that is a little bigger than the unit and allows me to stuff in all of my other necessary cables (ethernet, USB, headphone splitter so my wife and I can watch DVDs together). The tips are effective too — I have used this with three laptops from different manufacturers without a hitch, and the tips are connected well enough that they’re not always slipping off.

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