Bluetooth Headset on Windows XP SP2

Bluetooth Headset on Windows XP SP2 Getting Your Bluetooth Headset to Work in XP. _Argh, I have a bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth adapter, but it won't work with the default driver in SP2._
The problem with the Bluetooth stack built into Windows XP SP 2 is that it has limited support for profiles. In particular, it does not support the Headset profile required to connect with Bluetooth headsets, and hence your Bluetooth headsets will not be able to work with your Windows XP PC.
You need to figure out what actual Bluetooth adapter you have and load the appropriate Widcomm stack so that you can use your headset. Of course, my adapter doesn't have a brand name and just a mysterious FCC ID of QW3-BTCA01 that someone on "Howard Forums": also has. Some more googling shows that this is the "Desma Bluetooth USB": which in the "Desma": site is called model BT111FTT02.
For the same reason, the very cool Sony VAIO notebooks won't use a Bluetooth headset for VOIP or anything else according to "": Arggh. My kingdom for a Bluetooth headset driver for Windows XP SP2.

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  1. Hi
    Previously I had the Motorolla H850, after I updated to SP2 therefore cant use the headset with the XP box, I then sold off the headset. I recently purchase a Motorolla H500 BT headset. And was reading some forums about Skype, and people are using the H500 to chat. Only then I found out that it was SP2 that caused the problem, not the headset. *sigh*
    I have the same USB BT Dongle. I seem to have misplaced my driver CD. Do you think its possible if I grab a copy from you?

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