MovableType 3.2 and StyleCatcher


Six Apart – Professional Network – Power Tools. Well, have flipped the “tongfamily”: and soon the “”: blogs over to MovableType 3.2. “Ludwig”: was right, the install is tricky, since configuration files are changing and there in compatiblities with the anti-spam stuff I use. Notably MT-Blacklist has to be manually deleted.
In exchange though, styles get much better. Anyone upgrading, should really use the Stylecatcher plugin, this let’s you flip styles by just typing in a URL rather than the laborious process of changing a zillion templates.
bq. StyleCatcher 1.01: StyleCatcher is a simple but powerful plugin built for Movable Type 3.2 that lets you easily swap out any one of dozens of different styles on your Movable Type-powered site. The plugin also allows you to use other style repositories, so you can get styles that aren’t provided by Six Apart. (24 KB .tar.gz file)