Audible .aa files to .mp3

Audible .aa files to .mp3

Converting .aa files to mp3's. _DBpoweramp comes in handy again as a way to get my audible files onto unsupported devices. Audible is great but they don't support every device._
Here is how:
I've finally found a way to convert .aa (audible) to .mp3's at 50x realtime!
# Install Just use dBpowerAMP Music Converter which can be found at: "DBPowerAmp":
# Install the "DirectShow codec":
# And follow the instructions found at: "DBPowerAmp forum":
These are:
# Install AudibleManager AND Windows Media Player Filter (bottom of download page) of "Audible software":
# Set DirectShow to know about Audible file types with Start >> Programs >> dbpoweramp Music Converter >> Configure DirectShow Decoder
# at the end of this text file type (on a new line): _.aa_
# Save the file (File >> Save)
# Run dBpowerAMP Configuration with Start >> Programs >> dBpowerAMP Music Converter >> Configuration >> dMC Configuration
# That is it, dbpoweramp can read audible files and Sveta Portable audio can upload Audible files to portables that support it.
# As a small aside, if you are converting to MP3, you can either pay Illustrate, $15 for their MP3 license or you can use the converter called mp3 (Lame) which you can then point to a free version of Lame somewhere on your machine.


  1. Using dbpoweramp with files downloaded to Audible Manager 4, I was able to convert .aa files to .mp3 with no problem.
    Now all of a sudden, the .aa that I added to DCExt.txt no longer seems to work. I get the error message…
    “The CODEC required to decompress ‘C:\Program Files\Audible\Programs\Downloads\BrotherhoodofHeroesUnabridgedPart2_acelp16_douglasmhurst.aa’ could not be opened.
    DirectShow filter for ‘.aa’ not installed, or Audio File Corrupt.”
    I think this is the same message I used to receive prior to adding the .aa to that codec file.
    I followed the procedures I found here on this forum.
    Anyone know a new way around the problem?

  2. Yeah, I just got the same error message. There seems to be something they did with the update to Audible Manager that blocks this. I’m guessing what we need to find is an old version of the Audible Manager.
    I had an older version of what they call the Windows Media Player filter. It need some strange DLLs, but seems to work. It is called ADHelper.exe and you can try searching the web for it.

  3. if anybody finds an older version of audible manager, i would love a copy as well. i too am having the same issue with dbpoweramp using the new version of audible manager.

  4. I Have done all that has being sergested. I am also getting the same message .aa not installed, or audio file corrupt. Can any one help?

  5. I have been using a “special copy “of River Past 6.5 Audio Convertor. It is SOO simple. simply add your .aa file, chose .wma to convert it too. CLick convert, takes a while, about 30 minutes for a big book, DONE. You can then, ocnvert your .wma to.mp3 normallly. It has ALWAYS worked, NEVER failed. ALL my .aa’s are now, on CD’s as .mp3’s. I am blind, so, I count on my audio books for everything. Lots of hospital stays, Can put a LOT of books in .mp3 format on 1 CD. And, the hospital stays are not so boring.

  6. Hello, I just bought SoundTaxi software and so far I love it. It’s doing exactly what it said it would do. It re-records AA files saving them as unprotected mp3, aac, wav files!

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