Had a great discussion with my buddies at “Network Magic”:http://networkmagic.com. We were talking about pages that really sing and work for downloading and trying.
It’s interesting to see folks that are doing brochureware sites with lots of graphics vs. folks who are google or apple white space where less is more. Some good examples:”
* Skype – The whole world can talk for free.. I just love this one because theyu have a number of downloads free. Also, they put download everywhere. They also summarize theri benefits into a bubble I understand. Also there is a huge bia towards news and keeping the site fresh. The only thing they don’t do is date the entry like a blog
* “Spybot”:http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html. My personal favorite since I think products with zero resource tend to do better and folks with an infinite tend to do great too since they really study and thing (see Apple below). But, here they have news in the middle. Download is super prominent. and they put the products right there. In terms of voice, the product names are wierd but otherwise, it is “goat for sale” and easy to understand.
* “Apple .Mac”:http://www.apple.com/dotmac/. This site is terrific. Really for a service, but it fits in 1024×860
“Google Labs”:http://labs.google.com. My personal favori

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