This is a super annoying problem that comes up with most applications that access CDs. Many programs use a programming layer called the Adaptec Systems Programming Interface or ASPI. About 5 years ago, Adaptec and Microsoft had a fight about licensing and Microsoft took it out of Windows. As a result many programs continue to use this layer and then fail when it is not there.
As explained Answer, this is the case with Vegas 6.0 and Video Explosion Deluxe (which is really Vegas 4.0 OEMed). They make it very unclear how to fix and refer you to an old Adaptec driver that is made in 2002 with a broken setup.
Here is how to fix it. First if you have an nForce board, then you need to make sure to load the latest nForce motherboard drivers from “nvidia”: Just beware that the IDE drivers in particular are very unstable and can cause machines to crash as I’ve noted in other posts.
So if that break, just uninstall the nVidia IDE drivers.

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