Bicycle Shop San Diego


_Wow, local search on google has sure gotten good. On "A9": gets you the usual hash. You get a pseudo directory that is clearly SEOed but useless.
On the other hand with "google":, even though a9 buys from them, the query is much more useful. First, they have a structure local query that is much more accuragte. Gives you the top 10 shops and also addresses and phone numbers. The query results are better too. You go get a yellow pages, but Trek comes out muih closer to the top.
Net, net, it yields two bicycle stores in Escondido, with Google Maps doing a great job on both. The surprise is that the new Yahoo maps beta is simply awesome. Same idea, but much better. See below the difference between "Google Maps":,+CA&radius=0.0&cid=33119167,-117085556,6573418693905043942&iwstate1=form:to and "Yahoo Beta":
By the way the two are a Performance Bicycle shop with a $150 24" kids bike Kids Bicycles @ Performance Bicycle
And there is a local bike shop called Hidden Valley Bike Shop as well.