Phillips Phot o Display 7FF1AW Hangs

Phillips Phot o Display 7FF1AW Hangs

Philips 7FF1AW Digital Photo Display review - Engadget. Well as for all simple devices, it is the simplest things that kill it. In this case the lack of an on-off switch that really is a hard reset. Like the iPod, its on-off switch is software controlled.

I got a 1GB SD card, so that we could put zillions of pictures into it. The onboard system only allows about 32MB of photos (these are low res, so that's equivalent to 75 photos or so).

It is very picky about how you put the files on. They need to be either at the root or in \DCIM in the SD card. Also, the names of the files have to look digital camara like according to the engadget comments. Not all of mine are like that.

In any case, this thing insists on copying JPGs from the SD card into its memory, so that is quite a job and there is no feedback what is going on. It essentially hangs.

The only way to reset apparently is to let the battery run out. There are no magic keys to reset it. So now the thing is stuck copying.

The zillion keys in the back are incredibly hard to manipulate to get the settings right.

Net, net, its a good first try, but like all these devices, I guess we'll have to wait for Apple to do the firmware for the things. It is a good idea though.

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  1. Let Apple do the firmware? Oh please, get real. Then again I guess that’s best for users like who, a) can’t find the pinhole clearly marked RESET and b) can’t read a manual.

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