Oscar Wu BIOS


DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI/ULTRA Bios. For those of you who like living dangeriously, in addition to the stock BIOS that comes from DFI, you can also have a special set of BIOS that Oscar Wu, one of the geniuses on the web, he has actually tuned them for different memory and different CPUs.

For instance, the 7.02-1 only works with Revision E CPUs, but there are two variants, 7.02-2 which only works with BH-5 and UTT Ram and 7.02-3 that only works with TCCD. The TCCD you put in the Orange slots and the BH-5 and UTT you put into Yellow.

I have OCX VX PC 4000 (now discontinued) actually uses the Winbond CH5 die and not the BH-5, so I probably should just use the generic variant. Interesting the note on putting the BH-5s into the yellow slots though. I think mine are currently in the orange pair.

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