MP4 Files without Quicktime


Previously, I’d only been able to use Quicktime to playback .MP4 files. These are the newest sort of encoding that use H.264 encoding and AAC for the audio track.

Turns out that it isn’t well documented, but the easiest way to use Windows Media Player or any DirectShow compatible player is to:

# Install ffdshow filter (20051108 or later) at “Afterdark”: and other place or “Freecodecs”: have the latest versions. Right now that is 20060126
# Install the Haali Media Splitter (a.k.a the “Matroska”: splitter)
# Use any DirectShow compatible Players (like Windows Media Player (8,9,10 ), Media Player Classic ( ), BSPlayer (1.36 ), etc) will playback MP4 files.

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