DiamondMax 10 not recognized fixed with Autodetect NONE

DiamondMax 10 not recognized fixed with Autodetect NONE

DFI Forums - [Resolved] resolution for disappearing Maxtor drives? (post #12). _The old fix was to update the firmware, but you need to actually buy a vanilla SATA drive card so I just instead spent another $120 and got a later Maxtor, but now I see there is a simpler fix, what is happening is autodetect on empty drives is causing the Maxtor to get lost, so here is the recommended simpler fix._

bq. My Maxtor DiamondMax 10 exhibited most of the symptoms you guys have described:

behavior where Windows would insist on checking the disk for consistency upon reboot
# Failure to detect the drive
# If it did detect the drive it would often hang during booting Windows.

It had similar symptoms on my older Epox NF3 board. The fix I used for the Epox worked for my new NF4 Ultra-D as well.

# Go into the BIOS
# For every IDE channel and SATA channel that is enabled but has no drive connected\
# change the detection method from "Auto" to "None"

This bypasses autodetection of drives and seems to be what was causing all my problems... my Diamondmax not being detected or being detected incorrectly. This solved every one of the problems I was having.

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