BIOS Beep Codes

BIOS Beep Codes

Well, I really torqued the DFI last night. Got it all working again and even played a game for a while. Got it back to the 81.98 BIOS and disabled the dual cpu enhancement, but I went a bridge too far. I also updated the bios I thought to 702-2 but now it hangs on the video detection, so I'm assuming that it was a bad idea to flash.

But now what to do. First, BiosCentral - Award BIOS Beep Codes are valuable to understand. When Award (the main maker of BIOS) has a problem it tells you on the PC speaker what the issue is. This happens before POST. Here are the codes:

| Beep Code | Meaning |
| 1 long, 2 short | Video adapter error so look there for bad video card or seating etc. |
| Repeating beeps. | Memory error |
| 1 long, 3 short | No video card or bad video RAM |
| High frequency beeping while running | Overheated CPU |
| Repeating high and then low beeps | No CPU |
| 1 short beep | Found everything and I'm starting to POST |

FWIW, I get one short beep, so it is something else behind the nice flash DFI splash screen. Sigh.

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