Stop 0x00000024 and no Running Apps in the Toolbar


Well, I seem to have a growing list of Windows problems that makes me want to reinstall, but just to list:

# First, one machine just blue screen with a Stop 0x00000024. This is an error in ntfs.sys. Sounds like I’d better check the file system. A search reveals that this could be a virus, bad hard disk or even a badly behaved application that opens too many file handles. Sigh. I’ll check the disk first
# My laptop has lost the running applications in the toolbar. I’ve grown to love this feature. Can still see running applications with CTRL-TAB, but I can’t figure out how to reset. It was having lots of trouble with toolbars before. Showing two toolbars at once. No obvious fixes from google searches.
# ATI Control Center won’t install. On another machine with an ATI9800, the drivers install fine, but the control center fails with an invalid installation image. I think something is really trashed. I’ve used the delete ATI setting stuff but nothing seems to help.