Ski Goggles


!SKI Magazine ~ What to Wear: Goggles. Both Alex and my goggles are blown. So time to figure out a set that would last longer. SKI magazine has a good overview of good ones, but it is is in a hard to figure out format with a slide show, so here are some notes from it and other reviews:

* Scott Motive $65. Not the fanciest, but tried and true.
* K2 Aura. $80. Has a fancy Hi/LO Venting system with extra vents to pull out air. This model is designed for women.
* Zeal Detonator. $150. These are high tech so they are polarized and photochormatic so they lighten and darken automatically. Cool, but expensive
* Uvex Corus. $109. Very popular. The Crystal is the woman's version.
* Briko Eyecon. $90. Vented, anti-fog double lens and lots of venting
* Scott Radiant. $75. For small faces, it is basic but very comfortable. Good for Alex probably.
* Carrera Conan Vison T. $75. Has a cool toric lens for better peripheral vision. It's midsized and anti-fog, anti-scratch
* Bolle Zoltar. $90. High style. Has vents and dual lenses.
* Oakley Wisdom. $140. Super range of vision thanks to large lense, dual anti-fog lenses. Super high quality
* Smith Transit. $75. Smaller faces with anit-fog coating and high quality lens
* Market Striker. $85. Strongest lens out there uses special stuff they use for bulletproof windows.
* Smith Prodigy. $95 Spherical lenses for clarity and anti-fog too