They rival $1,000 speakers

They rival $1,000 speakers

They rival $1,000 speakers

Review of: Etymotic 6i
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 5
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Well, on the going deaf part, I think the main thing is don't turn your iPod up to deafening levels. Seriously, its really about not blasting them. The easiest way to do this is to watch and make sure you don't turn it up too high *and* to get headphones that deaden the sound.

Etymotic at is a little bit of a niche brand, but audiophiles swear by it. There is a great site called that explains all this. YOu can get these by the way at

The 6i are expensive at about $100, but they are amazing in terms of sound quality. If you really go crazy, the $200 Etymotic 4's have beat $20,000 speakers in blind hearing tests.

I actually got both of these and can say folks are usually incredibly amazed. Why is this? Well, Etymotic is actually a hearing aid company, so the actual speakers fit inside your ears. Makes them phenomenal for working out at the gym or on an airplane. They reduce the noise by 20dB (Ask Jeff what that means, but it is essentailly 99% quiet). And they are super tiny as well and not bulky like the big Bose ones.

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  1. Rich…

    I had a set of 4s, left them on an airplane, and replaced them with a set of the 6s. The difference is noticable – I wish I had spent the extra on a set of 4s the second time, too. I don’t consider myself an audiophile, either.


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