Sun Peaks (Redux)

Sun Peaks (Redux)

Tong Family Blog: Sun Peaks Archives. Well we are here again at Sun Peaks and two years later, there are still no real reviews of restaurants. Heard that the steakhouse is busy and slow, but to recap the ones that are still open as listed in the official "Sun Peaks": website which doesn't seem quite right. We ended up deciding to try Bella Italia, Mantles and Baggio's. Baggio's is now closed and replaced by Bella Italias, so we'll give that a try.

For lunch...

* Bottom's Bar & Grill. Canadian Pub Style. (250) 578-0013. I wouldn't go there for dinner, but get there at 1130AM for lunch and beat the rush. It is ski in so that's the big thing. Chicken strips are great for kids and they get bottomless sodas, so a good place to go. The chili is OK and the chicken burgers are decent.
* Masa's. This place is much larger, but still you should get ther early. Main issue is that the food is just OK. The rice bowls are OK. .

And for dinner which is very crowded on these long weeks, in order I'd recommend:

* Bella Italia. Enjoy fine italien cuisine in the heart of Sun Peaks Village. We went there three years ago, but it was terrific then. 250.578.7316 This is new and I think it is the replacement for Baggio's which was a terrific place.
* Mantles. In the Delta Sun Peaks, it can be very slow, so go early like 5PM as they are quite slow in the kitchen.
* Mountain High Pizza. Pizzeria. The only one pizza place and the best is their take-n-bake. If you have a cpndo, its an easy thing for a party. You can get the to-be-baked pizza ahead of time. They don't put too much sauce on and the chess is good. The pepparoni is the larger less salty kind. (250) 578-7275
* Powder Hounds. Continental. Quite slow, but not crowded if you get there promptly at 5PM. (250) 578-0014
* Mackers. 250-578-7854. Haven't been there, but a "UK Club": recommends it and Toro's below. But it doesn't take reservations so beware.
* Toro's. Don't know if this is still around, but quite good for Asian. 250-578-7870. We haven't been there but has been recommends

Finally a little lower are:

* Steakhouse at Sun Peaks Lodge. Heard from some folks it is slow if you get there at 6PM.

Then there are the many pubs:

* Mantles Restaurant & Bar. Casual/Upscale Pacific Northwest Cuisine. (250) 578-6000.
* Masa's Bar & Grill. Canadian Pub Food & Dining. (250) 578-5434.
* Macker's Bistro & Bar Casual/Canadian (250) 578-7894

Finally a place for grownups who aren't too nungry but defnitely not for kids.

* Servus on Creekside. A touch of European Cuisine.
Pacific Northwest and European cuisine in a charming intimate atmosphere..This place is very slow. Only for grownups, not kids. (250) 578-7383
* Mackdaddy's. Go dancing at the club 🙂

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