520 Pike has a $10 for 11 hours rate good location…


520 Pike has a $10 for 11 hours rate good location…

Review of: Sound Parking Inc
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 4
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Parking downtown is just unreal and expensive I agree. On Pike you do find some reasonable deals. I don’t know where you are downtown. One of the companies I work with Melodeo is in 520 Pike, this is just across from Pacific Place. Their deal is in before 10AM and you park on level E. They give you a hokey little ticket stub and it is $10.

It takes a while to get up there, but it has never been full mainly because folks don’t read the fine print about level E and/or they get so dizzy driving up the tight loop that folks pass out.

The main thing is that they only take cash, so beware of that.

It is hard to figure out where this is listed, but thanks to Google (Chris and Andy lets fix having to constantly leave Judysbook for queries like this 🙂 you find http://www.soundparking.com/locations/ and they have some locations. Judy’s Book doesn’t list parking very well, but this one is at 520 Pike.

Also if you are willing to go a little farther, near the Cinerama (4th and Virginia) it drops to $8.