iHome iH5 Clock Radio and iPod Dock


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bq. One look at iHome’s iH5 iPod alarm clock prompts an immediate question, “why didn’t somebody come out with this thing sooner?” The device features an input jack for a number of audio devices, but it’s primarily designed to fit iPods, featuring special inserts that plug into a top-mounted dock. The idea is that you can wake up to your pick of thousands of songs while charging your favorite player.

It’s a good idea and at $99, but the main problem you can see from “Engadget”:http://www.engadget.com/2005/06/15/ihomes-ih5-ipod-dock-alarm-clock-radio/ comments is that the alarm sound can’t be adjusted and jams to deafening in 3 seconds. I love the web for telling what *not* to buy.