Best T-mobile phones

Best T-mobile phones

HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - Best Looking Thin T-Mobile phone?. Darn it, I was just going to get the new Samsung t809 from T-mobile, but Howard Forums, really the best resource I've found for phone shopping says:

bq. the t809 is horrible... Don't buy it! Dust gets under the screen cover, the battery life sucks, and your callers will complain of a buzzing sound whenever you are near a wi-fi network, which is much more often than you might think.

They recommend getting an unlocked Motorola V3i with an SD memory card and just putting on T-mobile or wait for the V3x which has a 2mp camera although some folks "think": the new V3x is bigger because of the larger screen and the camera is now very sharp.

The best phone in the T-mobile lines look to me to be the V3 or the Blackberry 8700t shipping in mid "April":

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