Month: March 2006

Salt Spring

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!! Welcome to Salt Spring Island. _We are taking a trip up north. Went to Salt Spring decades ago._ Getting to Salt Spring Island is EASY! There are 3 ferry routes using BC Ferries and a multitude of other ferry lines running from Vancouver, Seattle, & Victoria. Also, the float plane is a delightful, fast…

Other MP3 Alternatives

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“Cnet”: has gone through a list of alternatives. None as easy as the iPod, but they can all at least play WMA format which is need for “KCLS”: content: * “Samsung Yepp YP-Z5”: Like the Nano, but twice (!!!) as thick. * “Creative Zen Vision:M”: This is a 30GB hard disk player. As the name…

SanDisk Sansa c100 and c200

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DailyTech – SanDisk announces several new flash-based MP3 players. I love our iPods, but King County only does WMA format files for audio books. Given that a book costs about $30 even from Audible, just five books would payback. Look at the options, assuming they aren’t horrible, there is the new Sony Bean (I think…

Kids loved it

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This is a kids wonder. They really liked the computers and the roller coaster simulation. The DNA things was terrific too where you actually extract DNA. Also they have RFID cards, so you can record what you are doing.

The other part that they loved were the various experiments. Actually the Shanghai Science Museum is probably better (but a little farther away 🙂

Interesting, but really not worth the price

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We went through the Science Fiction Museum and it was OK. As P.M. says, it takes just an hour to through there and it really isn’t super worth it. Nice to see some of the trivia, but seems like they should just throw it in as part of the EMP fees. If you are looking for fun and interesting, the Burke Museum at UW is way better.

Croquet, Stomp Rockets, Pool Toys, Scooters…

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Our kids just love that. It is amazing how entertaining it is. Just make sure you get the plastic mallets and not the hard wood ones.

Also for that age, I’m assuming you mean summer toys, other things that the kids loved (I’m afraid ours are past that age now!) are:

* Stomp rockets. These are things at toyrus, but basically they are air powered and shoot out
* Kites. They last about 10 minutes at that age, but great fun at gasworks park
* Pool toys. For the summer, anything that floats will do. We had a blow up alligator and that was incredible fun. Costco has them for 10 dollars.
* Scooters. Amazing how fun these are. Get a helmet though.

If there is anything else, you can come by and grab them from our garage, we are always giving away to folks. With three kids, we have lots of stuff.