My buddy Dale is great!

My buddy Dale is great!

My buddy Dale is great!

Review of: Simonson Security Systems Inc
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 4
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We've been working with Dale for the last 15 years now. He has wired three homes for us. He's great and very thorough, most importantly, he'll tell you exactly what he is doing.

He'll also do structured wiring, fire alarm and ethernet, so a good all purpose guy and he's very responsive.

Our main issue with these systems is that they definitely false alot and that means police come. Better safe than sorry.

While you are doing this, you should probalby think about an integrated fire alarm too.

The main issue is that he's a one man shop so can get very busy, but he always answers his own phone which we love.

(As another aside, your search is working, way, way better!)