Good metroplex, just be careful of the lines


Good metroplex, just be careful of the lines

Review of: Carmike Cinemas
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 4
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We don’t go to the theater that often, but last Saturday, after a long day of playing chess, a trip to see Ice Age 2, Meltdown was well deserved. This theater let’s you buy tickets via A great service, although probably not as necessary out in the Tri-Cities, but for 13 parents and kids, it creates certainty.

The only thing to be aware of is that you have to get there ahead of time, the line at 7PM on Saturday was amazing. Must have been a 20 minute wait to buy tickets, so if you are there at busy times, get there early.

The theater itself is standard metroplex. The folsk are firendly. One funny thing was that they forgot to turn the movie on in our theater. So a 730PM, I wandered over to the usher and said, where’s the movie. 2 minutes later it started. So if things don’t start on time, don’t just sit there!

The sound system was DTS and sounded OK. The projection system isn’t up to Cinerama standards (or high end home theater for that matter), but it is clean and comfortable. All together a nice evening.