Rockbox – Open Source Jukebox Firmware. Wow how cool. This is an open source firmware replacement for iPods as well as certain models of iRiver (H100 and H300), iAudio X5 and Archos.

Kind of amazing folks have done this. “Cnet”: says that it isn’t flashy, but has lots of features that nerds like me will love including OGG and FLAC format playback (OGG is an open format with greater compression than MP3 and FLAC is what I use for lossless archiving of songs). You can actually browse the file system and they have themes as well as a real parametric equalizer.

You do give up a bunch for the free formats, like playback of proprietary Audible .AA and Apple’s own locked music format. But kind of cool if you’ve got an old iPod around.

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