StyleCatcher finally working


Blog Administration: Fixing Movable Type StyleCatcher. It has taken me a year to get this finally working. Turns out the README for StyleCatcher isn’t complete. You also have to change some parameters in the settings, it picks up the wrong real path and web path defaults for my installation.

The StyleCatcher 1.01 README.txt file says installation consists of
copying the appropriate files into your “plugins” and “mt-static”
directories and setting permissions. But there’s a bit more to it than that.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you have to login to MT as an administrator, go to the PLUGINS page, and configure the StyleCatchter plugin (select “Show Settings”).

There are two settings:

Theme Root URL:
Theme Root Path:

The latter is the path to the “themes” folder that you need to create. The former is the URL for this folder. For example:

Theme Root URL: /mt/mt-static/themes
Theme Root Path: /var/www/html/mt/mt-static/themes

Make sure you set permissions on this folder so the web server can write to it, as this is where StyleCatcher will store themes that
it downloads.

I had some trouble with this, because StyleCatcher filled in these two fields for me, and it chose the wrong URL which meant it couldn’t find any local themes.