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So how much on the Internet can you save if you want to subscribe to a magazine. Here’s one journey (and test) to get the lowest price on _The Atlantic_

* “eHow”: recommends going to the publishers site directly. For the “Atlantic”:, this is $2.45 per copy or $24.50. They do have an “educational”: discount program buty you need to order 5 copies per issue at least.
* “Amazon”: I figured these guys would have the rack rate which is $24.95 per year so no bargain there.
* “netMagazines”: I’ve used these guys in the past. They have the same $24.95 rack rate for a year although they have a complex package pricing system that might make it easier
* google:”magazine subscriptions” shows that “”: and “”: are the top two hits, so checking those and “”: has the same $24.95 price
* “MagmaMags”: has the Atlantic at $16 which is pretty good but again I don’t know if they are reputable.
* “”: has actually built a price searching engine like pricegrabber and shows couponing. For isntance with DCMPS40P, you get $10 off from and SpringMags coupon at gets you $5 off. The main issue though of course is are these underlying sites reputable.

Some other searches there are for “Harpers Magazine”: which is $11/year from and The rack rate by the way is $14.97 from

The “New Yorker”: is biweekly so it is somewhat more at $47 rack rate while it is $18.80 at NetMagazines also has a $34 price with the DCMPS16 coupon. “Magmaweb”: a $19/year educational-only price as well.

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