Canon i9900 Gamut

With all this discussion of gamuts, I wonder how you should actually print to my trusty Canon i9900. The results are pretty interesting:

* With the very best paper, the Canon Pro Glossy, sRGB is really too small, it can print way beyond it
* Even with Adobe RGB gamut, there are many more colors it can’t print, but it is a much better match
* With ProPhoto RGB, that is way, way bigger, so a poor match.

Note that when you are actually printing, Photoshop is smart enough to know from the ICM profile of your printer and the paper, what it can actually print and if you set if for perceptual mapping, it will squeeze the colors of your photo into what your printer can do. That is one reason why its important to have a printer calibrator and an ICM profile for you paper on your printer. Red River does this as does Canon for its papers.

By the way to see this page, we need a VRML plugin.VRML Plugin and Browser Detector (X3D Too) is a handy tool that lets you see what you need to load. It uses Javascrip to help. The choices right now are “Octaga”:

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