. I really wanted to love this product. Basically, it adds a window in Firefox and you can then edit. So it is like a super version of justblogit.

For me unfortunately, it has the following problems when used with MovableType:

* It doesn’t know about category hierarchies and the category is not sticky, so most of my posts end up in no category because I forget to add it. Justblogit is better because it is forms based.
* Half the time, the RPC takes too long and it claims that the post failed when it didn’t, so you end up with multiple posts.
* When you try to edit a post, the same thing happens and it is unclear whether the post took or not.
* It doesn’t get along super well with Textile2, so for some posts, it adds things like breaks and so forth so textile markup fails.
* It can hang trying to send and there is no way to reinitialize except by restarting Firefox.

Overall, made me feel like I’ll stick to justblogit despite its limitations. Or go back to w.bloggar.

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