Linksys Diagnostics, Firmware Hacks and Intel Driver Updates

OK, now that we’ve got our network basically working, we’ve run “DSL Reports”: to figure out that we do have the speed, but it still doesn’t seem very responsive. There are also various attacks by different folks, so we need some sort of el cheapo monitoring software. There are quite a few of these utilities […]

Google Sets and Alexaholic

When we are working on companies, it is often times useful to see what’s related to what, here are the tools that I use: * “Google Sets”: This lets you type in a bunch of related ideas and see from the web, what else is related, so if you type in Microsoft, Ignition and Oracle, […]


Since I’ve been traveling, I’ve been way off of my goal of logging onto 10 Web 2.0 sites a day. Sorry! but here are the latest: !!: This looks like a delicious clone, but it has been getting impressive increase in traffic according to “Alexa”: and is now 4000 after just a year. Seems related […]

Another Wireless Setup issue

I someday wish that someone would solve this, but fresh on leaving work, I got to spend an evening fixing another network here in China. This time I had a good education in Chinese user interfaces and thanks to “dltool”:, it was easy to figure out the interface and learn some Chinese words for things […]

Wifi Debugging

Well, the network at Qiming doesn’t seem to work that well, we have a low end all Linksys system with two access points and a LAN router, so how to diagnose it. “”: has a very good list of tools and at the top is my old favorite “Netstumbler”: this tool only works with Prism […]

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