Well, the printer market has gotten simpler in the last year. Now the main thing, if you want a printer for digital photos is that you can either pick an all-in-one that gives excellent print quality or you can get a high end dedicated printer. Here are the two choices from PC Magazine that make the most sense to me:

h2. All in One

It use to be there was a big tradeoff in quality if you got an all-in-one that included scanning and printer, but the “Canon Pixma MP800R”:,1895,1961536,00.asp seems just about perfect. It doesn’t include a fax module, but does allow you to network it with Ethernet or 802.11 which is great. Print quality is excellent and it lets you scan as well.

“Pricegrabber”:,__17744224/sort_type=bottomline has it for $370 street.

h2. Professional Printer

I have a Canon i9900, but just this year, Epson one upped this high end category with the “Epson Stylus Photo R2400″:,1895,1848554,00.asp. It uses no less than 10 different color inks and the quality is amazing. It is $800 street, but worth it if you have a DSLR and want to print gigantic (19″x44”) posters or want something indistinguishable from professional.

“Pricegrabber”:,__8827734/sort_type=bottomline has it for $750 street.

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  1. brucery Avatar

    It’s not a photo printer, but I’m still very happy with my Dell 3100CN color laser after one year. If you catch Dell during the right sale, you can get these VERY inexpensively (and the discount often applies to consummables too!), and it’s not too costly to operate. The only downside is its size — about as big as a dorm-room refrigerator.

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