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Go auto/air85 Notebook Power Adapter with iGo dualpower accessory

. I’ve had great success with this auto/air85’s older brother called the iGo Juice70 Universal Notebook Power Adapter. The main thing is that the older unit weighs 9 ounces, so nearly as much as my 2 pound notebook itself. This one is only 7 ounces and is way cheaper at $80 list vs. $120 list.

I also lost the air adapter, you can get a replacement for $25 from the site. Kind of a ripoff that you pay $25 for a little cable, but otherwise you lose all the capability.

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  1. I’m with you on the iGo products. I fly American Airlines almost all the time because they have power outlets in coach. The iGo Juice70 has been durable and reliable, but I agree that a smaller unit would be nicer. My only gripe is that the tips are incompatible between the older and newer units (I bought a Nintendo tip at the airport only to find that it was incompatible with my older Juice70).

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