OK, I’ve been bad, I’ve never really tried to learn how Blackberry and BES works as a result, I’ve bricked Connie’s 7100 and my buddy Duane has got really nothing working. So, here is what I’ve learned:

* Everything is about _Service Books_ these are configuration parameters that provision the Blackberry. They are in Options/Advanced/Service Books if you’ve got Blackberry Version 4.1 on your hardware (if you bought it in about the last year), otherwise, they are in Options/Service Books in 4.0. Confused yet.
* They have lots of gobblygook, but there are three things to understand. First, your carrier has a bunch of service books they send down the pipe that tell the Blackberry things like where to find the Internet and that is how OTA provisioning works.
* There is also something called the Blackberry internet Service. This is a confusing name, but it is essentially a server that your carrier runs that connects your Blackberry to any POP3 or IMAP mail server on the Internet or to Exchange via Outlook Web Access or Notes via their equivalent. This gives you wireless email synchronization to those sources which is kind of cool. To configure this, you either go to a magic web site that your carrier sets up, or there is hopefully an icon on the home screen called Internet Mail Setup. Unfortunately, RIM makes this carrier configurable, so it depends on what actual software load you run from the carrier. On T-mobile and Cingular, you should see that there.
* The big mystery is something called Enterprise Activation. This is an incredible pain in the butt for security reasons, but the “white paper”:http://www.blackberry.com/knowledgecenterpublic/livelink.exe/fetch/2000/7979/1181821/828044/1181292/BlackBerry_Wireless_Enterprise_Activation_Technical_White_Paper.pdf?nodeid=1181988&vernum=0 explains why. Basically, there is a strange icon called Enterprise Activation that appears on the home screen sometimes, but can disappear for mysterious reasons or which lives in Options/Advanced Settings/Enterprise Activation. This sets up the first connection and you have to call your administrator and there is a separate magic password for this that only lasts 48 hours from the time your admin gives it to you and will time out if you make 5 mistakes.
* If you get this working, then your Blackberry sends an email message to your account which something called the Blackberry Enterprise Server automatically sucks up (unless your spam filter finds it, unfortunately, Outlook 2003 by default will suck it up as Junk Mail, so you have to make sure that your junk mail folder doesn’t catch these NTP messages.
* If that works, then the system sends down five service books from the BES to your Blackberry for syncing, email access and so forth and you should be off to the races.
* As a legacy thing, you can also load the Desktop Manager on your PC. This was used before the arrival of Wireless Enterprise Activation in BES 4.0. With this, you can set wireless synchronization only for calendar. The user interface is incredibly strange with “iu.edu”:http://kb.iu.edu/data/alov.html#cal-w offering the best explanation of the different steps you have to take for each thing
** For your calendar, you have to load Desktop Manager version 2.21 or higher and then make sure to select Intellisync/Configure PIM…/Calendar and select Blackberry Wireless Sync. This should then sync your calendar
** For Email, it should happen automatically if you enterprise activiate or if you use the Desktop Manager you have to make sure the Redirector is set correctly
** For Address Book, there should be a selection in Address Book/Options/Wireless Synchronization. If you don’t see it then “jibi”:http://www.blackberryforums.com/bes-admin-corner/3252-blackberry-wireless-sync-not-available-option.html recommends that you delete the SYNC service book in Options/Advanced Options/Service Books. This teases out the Enterprise Activate icon. THat icon disappears but the service book can get corrupted and you have to start all over, call your admin ,etc.
** For Tasks, the same drill, look for Tasks/Options/Wireless Sync and make sure it is on.
** For Memos, same Memos/Options/Wireless Synchronization.

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