Cannot use Alaska Miles to upgrade on American or Hawaiian


We are trying to see if we can use upgrade mileage, the short answer is that it is both expensive in terms of mileage and very hard to do. On American, we can use Alaska miles, but they don’t let them use them for upgrades.

AAdvantage Partners and Mileage Programs – Partner Details

Between the continental U.S. (including Alaska), Canada, – and – Mexico OR Between the continental U.S. (including Alaska), Canada, Mexico – and – the Caribbean (including Bahamas and Bermuda)
OR Wholly within the Caribbean. Off peak dates are in Central Amercia Jan 16-Jun 14 and Sep7 -14 inclusive, so basically Christmas and the summer require you to use on-peak 30,000 miles or if you have 60,000 miles you can go anytime.

Same things appears to be try trying to use Alaska Miles on Hawaiian airlines. They require 50,000 miles per coach ticket and 90,000 for each first class ticket but there are no “upgrade”: options.