I thought I had completely bricked Connie’s 7100. But thanks to the wonderful folks at T-mobile (double credit for helping me, really bad that it isn’t just on the web), I got it back. To review, I was installing new firmware, when I got, the dreaded, installation failed from the desktop manager and when I turned on the Blackberry, I got a blank screen and the red light just blinked twice to me.

Here’s how to resolve this:

# Plug the Blackberry into your PC. Hope that everything just lights up again and it is detected and the Desktop Manager says Connected.
# If this doesn’t happen, then see if you at least get the famous Windows “boing, boing” this indicates that the low level driver has at least seen the Blackberry. The firmward inside the thing should at least get you there. YOu can also check the device manager in Windows and see if the USB port sees a Blackberry. This is good and it means that at least something is alive
# Go to the Desktop Manager and to to Tools/Options and try to hit DETECT. See if it sees it
# If not, then to to the Application Download button and try to run Detect again, you should see it say something like USB:Pin Unknown so you know you’ve got a bare Blackberry
# If this doesn’t work, take the battery out while you have it on that screen and then plug the battery in, this starts the firmward inside the Blackberry again and you should connect
# Now, you’ll get the usual dialogs to reload everything.

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