!120W AC/DC Notebook Power Adapter We currently use the igo power70 for on the road and it is one pound plus with all the accessories. This Kensington is just 6 ounces and has 20 watts of power, the Kensington Notebook AC/DC Power Adapter uses patented technology to deliver all the power you need in a size that is 40% smaller and lighter than other power supplies.

Looks like a real winner and “pricegrabber”:http://www.pricegrabber.com/p__Kensington_Kensington_120W_AC_DC_Power_Supply,__8129785/zip_code=98004/sort_type=bottomline say Amazon has it for just $91. Main problem is that it doesn’t have a tip for the Sony VAIO T-series, so won’t work for us.

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