Chinese Translation Tools


Well since I'm learning Chinese in earnest here are the tools that I use. All are free and publically available and here's the order:

If I see a Chinese word or sentence and don't know the translation:

# "Google Translate": First I use the Google translator to see if I can generally see what it means
# "Mandarin Tools WordDict": They have a bunch of applications, but the one I use are the WordDict which takes Chinese and puts it into its parts with pinyin and english meanings. This uses the open source CEDict dictionary
# "Mandarin Tools Add Pinyin": takes a web page and adds pinyin next to it. Pretty useful if you want to read a page. Use Google to translate to English and this tool to translate into pinyin and you should be able to read it.
# "CEDict": There are a bunch of projects that use the same dictionary, so for instance from a phone, you can use it via "MobileCEDict": which you can access from WAP enabled phones by typing in or if you like to type less.
# "DLTool": is a nice standalone Windows tool. You just look at a page and what every you copy to the clipboard, DLTool will translate.