!>http://www.smartshanghai.com/pix/paulanerlogo.gif! There are three “Paulaner”:http://www.smartshanghai.com/venue/236/Paulaner_Braeuhaus_(Binjiang) restaurants in Shanghai alone and they all look like Bavarian beer gardens although maybe a little hotter in the summer 😉 The one we’ve been to twice is located on the Riverside Promenade in Pudong which is right next to the river and has a great view. They do brew it hear apparently and beer is good, although the night we went, it was just jammed with lots of folks and there was a Phillipino band playing country western in a german beer garden. Think about it.

Lunch this time had a good sausage plate with pretty authentic sauerkraut as well. Pretty filling, but if you are trying to do something different not a bad choice. It is very near the Shangri-la Hotel (???????, xiang1 ge2 li3 la1 dajiudian). Mondays feature 50% off of food and beverage between 1600 and 1900 hours.

The address is Riverside Promenade, ( ????, literally riverbank big street) Binjiang Da Dao and phone number is +86 21 6888 3935

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